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Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation review

This is a virtual sand playground for creating excellent color patterns. It gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity by giving you endless sand pattern possibilities.

Interface 5/5

Thisissand has a great interface which gives you a wide view of the canvas.  The navigation bars are ideally positioned on the screen to provide you with easy access to tools without interference. This is unlike other apps where the screen is cluttered with icons. In addition, the text fonts used in the app are beautiful and appealing.

Features and Tools 4/5

The app has great features that give you great flexibility in drawing sand patterns. Some tools are free while others can be obtained as in-app purchases to spice your experience and give you more possibilities.

Color Palette

This tool contains hundreds of sand colors that you can choose to make great color combinations. Furthermore, it has a really handy color intensity slider. I have tried both the APK and the IPA, and certainly, the Color Palette is a great tool that gives you unlimited possibilities of the patterns you can create.

Photo Sand

Photo Sand is a fun feature that enables you to pick the color of photos you have captured using your device’s camera and make a sand version of them. This App Store and Google Play app for artistic individuals lets you capture the color of anything around you.

Color Picker

This feature enables you to pick colors from your surroundings such as from surfaces, flowers, and other items. It might be challenging to use your device's camera to do this, but with a bit of practice, it becomes natural. Not many apps for Google Android and iOS platforms can do this.

Usability 4/5

Thisissand is easy to use, but familiarizing yourself with its features is essential for that. But this process doesn’t take up much time, so there’s no need to be hesitant. It is an app for all Android and iOS platforms, making it possible for you to use it on any device. Sharing your creations with friends is seamless and extremely fun, adding a whole new level to the app. The tool does not have any annoying and persistent ads, and this gives you great user experience. Thisissand does not lag, and the fast speed of execution enhances its performance. Developers have removed bugs from the latest version of the app and have updated it for better performance.

Devices 5/5

Thisissand can be installed on Android mobile and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Both the iOS and Android app run smoothly on different versions of the operating systems.

The Conclusion

Thisissand is a leading app that will give you a great deal of fun, relaxation and experience. The APK and the IPA are able to get for free from the respective stores. I definitely recommend it to any artistic individual.



  • Fixed sand size
  • No undo/redo features
  • No preview feature


  • No ads
  • Seamless navigation
  • Soothing UI

Design 5

Key Functions 4

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 5

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